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Join Our Robotics Competition Team
Fall Semester Memberships
ATTENTION: There will be sharp parts and tools used during the classes, events, and normal activities. Please be aware of the risk.
  • Come and take a look at our workshop, talk to the competition team members.
  • Get familiar with the VEX robotics system and VEX Robotics Competition.
  • Work together with our competition team members.
  • No registration is needed, contact us and schedule a time. Come to the classroom and talk to us.
  • Teamwork to design, build, and program the competition robot.

  • Compete in VEX Robotics Competitions and try to be qualified for the VEX Robotics World Championship.

  • Hands-on learning STEAM subjects.

  • Learn how to solve real-life problems.

  • Expand students’ vision and learn how cutting-edge technologies can change the world.

  • Unlimited access to the workshop, parts, competition fields, and all related resources.

  • Team tailoring coaching.

  • Free competition registration and free competition event participation fees. (over $300 in value)

  • Coaching for additional competitions, such as online challenges and VEX VR challenges. 

  • Free classes, such as VEXcode VR and VEX Workcell (over $1,000 in value)

  • Class enrollment discounts

  • First to try for our new content and devices.

  • We hope all prospective students can commit to competing for the whole competition season (September to June) as a stable team. So we would like to charge twice as fall semester (September to January) and spring semesters (February to June) membership fees to reduce the competition team changes. 

  • Veteran students and multiple enrollment students got honor discounts, please ask us for a promotion code.

  • If joining after the semester started, please contact us for a late join code to cut off the missing cost.

  • VEX IQ - Elementary & Middle Schoolers

  • VEX V5 EDR - Middle & High Schoolers

  • Unlimited workshop access for group meetings with team members and the coaches. 

  • Weekly lectures and hands-on activities.

  • Teamwork! Design, build and program VEX robots to compete in the VEX Robotics Competitions.

  • Record the robot developing and updating processes in scientific ways. Share and present the robot developing processes to parents, other teams, and judges.

  • STEAM activities and seminars, such as guest speakers, field trips, projects, challenges, etc.

  • All teams are qualified to compete in VEX Robotics Southern New England regional qualification events.

  • Optional Competitions for teams

    • REC Foundation Online Challenges

    • VEX Robotics VR Skills Simulation Online Challenge

    • VEX V5 Factory Automation Competition

    • RAD Aerial Drones

VR Skills.png
VEX IQ Pitching In
VRC Tipping Point Logo.png
  • WEEKLY ALL TEAM MEETINGS with coaches and lectures provided

    • VEX V5 EDR - Every Saturday - door opens at 1:00 PM, lecture starts at 2:00 PM.

    • VEX IQ - Every Sunday - door opens at 1:00 PM, lecture starts at 2:00 PM.

  • Teams can meet anytime during the week or weekend by scheduling with us.

  • Team members can come to the workshop anytime between 2 PM to 7 PM to meet coaches during weekdays to work on their robots. 


87 Terrace Hall Ave.

Burlington, MA 01803

  • All prospective students must finish our Summer Camp classes or the VEX V5/VEX IQ Introduction and Advanced training classes to qualify to join our competition teams.

  • If the student has a strong previous equivalent robotics experience, the student may be waived the training class requirements by being evaluated by our head coach.

ATTENTION: There will be sharp parts and tools used during the classes, events, and normal activities. Please be aware of the risk.
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