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FTC Robotics Post-Season Program - Grades 7-12

An immersive 12-session program spanning three months, designed to advance teams in the FIRST Tech Challenge. This course emphasizes leveraging cutting-edge robotics technologies, fostering unparalleled teamwork, and mastering effective communication to give teams a decisive advantage in future competitions.

Innovative Curriculum: Over three months, our curriculum is ingeniously structured around three pivotal themes—Advanced Robotics Technology and Performance, Community Engagement and Outreach, and Innovation and Strategic Challenge Preparation. Each theme is meticulously designed to not only challenge the students but also to position them as pioneers in the robotics arena.

Expert-Led Insight: Our sessions are facilitated by seasoned professionals and FTC award winners, offering an invaluable perspective from the vanguard of robotics competition and innovation.

Hands-On Experience: Emphasizing practical application, participants will delve into constructing advanced robots, orchestrating impactful community and school outreach events, and conceiving innovative challenge strategies.

Teamwork and Leadership Excellence: Through cooperative projects and community initiatives, students will refine their teamwork, communication, and leadership abilities—key skills pivotal for success across any endeavor.

Holistic Skill Enhancement: Our program transcends technical prowess to nurture creativity, problem-solving acumen, public speaking, and project management capabilities.

Program Structure

  • March: Introduction to advanced robotics technologies and the principles of constructing competitive robots for the FTC challenges. The month culminates in a team project applying these cutting-edge technologies.

  • April: Shifts the focus to community engagement and effective communication, as teams prepare and deliver presentations on their projects at school and community events, honing their public speaking and organizational talents.

  • May: The program concludes with a deep dive into innovation and strategic challenge preparation. Teams will document their progress, share their achievements, and strategize for upcoming FTC challenges, equipped with new insights and readiness for the competitive arena.


R802 FTC Post-Season - Grade 7-12

        **Refund Policy**
        1 ) Cancel and get a full refund within 24 hours of payment (minus a 3% of processing fee if paid by Strip or Paypal).
        2 ) 100% refund after 24 hours' purchase but 24 hours before the first class (minus a 3% of processing fee if paid by Strip or Paypal).
        3 ) 35% refund for the rest of the classes (minus the $50 processing fee + the classes' fee without discount).
        4 ) Check the lab to fully understand the expiration date before purchase. No refund after 4 class.
        **Cancellation Policy**
        If you cancel before your class begins, you will receive a full refund minus a $50 processing fee.
        If you cancel after your class begins, you will receive a 35% refund of the pro-rated amount.

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