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Vinci R702 Robotics Post-Season - Grade 7-12

A comprehensive 12-session program spread over three months. This course focuses on leveraging the latest robotics technologies, enhancing teamwork, and mastering effective communication to give your team a competitive edge.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum: Spanning three months, our course is meticulously crafted around three core themes—Technology Update and High Performance, School Sharing and Promotion Activities, and Experience Sharing and New Challenge Development. Each theme is tailored to inspire, challenge, and propel students into becoming not just participants, but leaders in the field of robotics.

Expert-Led Sessions: Our instructors are seasoned professionals and competition winners who bring a wealth of knowledge and insights from the front lines of robotics innovation and competition.

Hands-On Learning: With a strong emphasis on practical application, students will engage in designing high-performance robots, organizing and presenting at school sharing sessions, and even developing new competition challenges.

Teamwork and Leadership: Through collaborative projects and events, students will enhance their teamwork, communication, and leadership skills, essential competencies for success in any field.

Comprehensive Skill Development: Beyond technical skills, our course is designed to foster creativity, problem-solving, public speaking, and project management skills.

Course Structure
March: Dive into the latest robotics technologies and principles of designing high-performance robots. The month culminates in a project where students apply new technologies to their creations.

April: Focus shifts to effective communication and community engagement, as students prepare and present their projects in school and community events, enhancing their public speaking and organizational skills.

May: The course wraps up with a focus on experience sharing and innovation. Students will document their journey, share their success stories, and explore new challenges, readying them for future competitions and beyond.

R702 Robotics Post-Season - Grade 7-12

  •  **Refund Policy**
        1 ) Cancel and get a full refund within 24 hours of payment (minus a 3% of processing fee if paid by Strip or Paypal).
        2 ) 100% refund after 24 hours' purchase but 24 hours before the first class (minus a 3% of processing fee if paid by Strip or Paypal).
        3 ) 35% refund for the rest of the classes (minus the $50 processing fee + the classes' fee without discount).
        4 ) Check the lab to fully understand the expiration date before purchase. No refund after 4 class.
      **Cancellation Policy**
        If you cancel before your class begins, you will receive a full refund minus a $50 processing fee.
        If you cancel after your class begins, you will receive a 35% refund of the pro-rated amount.

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