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iSTEAM Academy is currently looking for volunteers who can provide music, painting, and academic assistance to children with special needs, and also assist Vinci STEAM Educations in recruiting volunteers for daily activities in all project areas:

  • Sorting classroom materials and packaging course materials.

  • Assisting with competition team activity planning, promotion, publicity, video production, photography, fundraising, data analysis, and team logistics support.

  • Teaching music, painting, and academic subjects to children with special needs.


iSTEAM has always been seeking new and innovative methods to enhance our activities. Come and share your passion with our young learners!


Do you have skills that can help us in our operations? We are also looking for assistance in marketing, graphic design, event planning, and support from parents leading groups.


You can participate in multiple ways! Please fill out the volunteer application.


We rely on the time and talents of community members to help us serve the youth who need us the most!

Volunteer Application Form

Please fill out the application form, we will contact you later.

Please select the location you are able to volunteer
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