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Vinci Advanced Robotics Competition Course for Grade 7-12 Students
Introducing the Vinci Advanced Robotics Competition Course, specifically tailored for Grade 7-12 students aiming to dominate in the next season's VEX Robotics competitions and earn their place on elite competitive teams. This 14-week intensive course delves deeper into the advanced concepts of VEX Robotics, equipping students with sophisticated design, programming, and strategic planning skills necessary for success at higher competition levels. Our curriculum highlights the advanced design process, essential for crafting an Engineering Notebook that showcases the team's innovative journey and engineering prowess.

Course Highlights:

Advanced Foundation Teaching: Starting with an advanced overview of VEX Robotics competition rules, we delve into complex requirements and scoring criteria, ensuring students have a comprehensive understanding of the competition landscape.

Sophisticated Design and Hands-on Practice: We push beyond the basics, focusing on advanced practical skills. Students will engage in the design and programming of more complex robots, turning intricate ideas into fully operational prototypes.

Enhanced Strategic Thinking: Utilizing advanced case studies and simulated competitions, our goal is to refine students' strategic thinking abilities, enabling them to devise, implement, and adjust complex competition strategies.

In-depth Engineering Notebook Documentation: Emphasizing the advanced design process, we guide students in documenting their engineering journey with precision, an invaluable skill for maintaining a detailed and sophisticated Engineering Notebook. This includes advanced brainstorming, designing, building, testing, and iterating processes.

Expert Personalized Coaching: Our experienced instructors provide personalized, advanced-level coaching, ensuring that each student is fully prepared to meet and exceed the high standards of competitive teams.

Assessment Process for Joining Competitive Teams:

Written Test: Advanced assessment of students' understanding of VEX Robotics fundamentals, rules, and complex problem-solving scenarios.

Coach Interview: A deeper evaluation of students' technical expertise, teamwork dynamics, advanced problem-solving capabilities, and dedication to robotics.

Team Interview: An assessment of how well students integrate with potential team members, focusing on advanced communication skills, collaboration techniques, and compatibility with team dynamics.

Successful completion of this rigorous three-part assessment is mandatory for students aspiring to join existing competitive teams. This ensures that teams are equipped with members who are not only technically proficient but also strategically savvy and team-oriented.

Vinci-R701 Pre-Robotics Competition - Grade7-12

  • Refund Policy

    1 ) Cancel and get a full refund within 24 hours of payment (minus a 3% of processing fee if paid by Strip or Paypal).

    2 ) 100% refund after 24 hours' purchase but 24 hours before the first class (minus a 3% of processing fee if paid by Strip or Paypal).

    3 ) 35% refund for the rest of the classes (minus the $50 processing fee + the classes' fee without discount).

    4 ) Check the lab to fully understand the expiration date before purchase. No refund after 4 class.

    Cancellation Policy

    If you cancel before your class begins, you will receive a full refund minus a $50 processing fee.

    If you cancel after your class begins, you will receive a 35% refund of the pro-rated amount.

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