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Vinci Pre-Robotics Competition Course, meticulously designed for Grade 4-6 students eager to excel in next season's competition and secure a place in competitive teams. This 14-week comprehensive course not only immerses students in the core concepts of VEX IQ but also equips them with essential design, programming, and strategic planning skills. A unique addition to our curriculum is the focus on the design process, crucial for creating an Engineering Notebook, a key component in VEX competitions that demonstrates the team's design journey and innovation.

Course Highlights:

Comprehensive Foundation Teaching: We start with the basics, ensuring students fully understand VEX IQ competition rules, core requirements, and scoring criteria.
Innovation in Design and Hands-on Practice: Beyond theoretical knowledge, our emphasis is on practical skill development. Students will build and program robots, transforming ideas into functioning prototypes.
Strategic Thinking Training: Through case studies and simulated competitions, we aim to develop students' ability to formulate and adjust competition strategies effectively.
Engineering Notebook Documentation: A special focus on the design process teaches students how to document their engineering journey, an invaluable skill for maintaining a detailed Engineering Notebook. This includes brainstorming, designing, building, testing, and iterating, all while capturing their thought process, challenges, solutions, and progress.
Expert Guidance and Feedback: Experienced instructors provide personalized coaching, ensuring that each student is on track to meet the competitive teams' standards by the course end.

To join competitive teams after Pre-Robotics Competition, students must successfully complete a three-part assessment process:

Written Test: Assessing knowledge of VEX IQ robotics fundamentals and competition rules.
Coach Interview: Evaluating technical skills, teamwork, problem-solving abilities, and commitment.
Team Interview: Determining compatibility, communication, and collaborative skills with the team.
Successful navigation through all three stages is required to join an existing competitive team, ensuring teams are well-rounded with dedicated and skilled members.

Vinci-R401 Pre-Robotic Competition- Grade 4-6

  • ​​​​​​​Refund Policy

    1 ) Cancel and get a full refund within 24 hours of payment (minus a 3% of processing fee if paid by Strip or Paypal).

    2 ) 100% refund after 24 hours' purchase but 24 hours before the first class (minus a 3% of processing fee if paid by Strip or Paypal).

    3 ) 35% refund for the rest of the classes (minus the $50 processing fee + the classes' fee without discount).

    4 ) Check the lab to fully understand the expiration date before purchase. No refund after 4 class.

    Cancellation Policy

    If you cancel before your class begins, you will receive a full refund minus a $50 processing fee.

    If you cancel after your class begins, you will receive a 35% refund of the pro-rated amount.

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