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Vinci Robotics Christmas -- Creative Christmas, Showcasing the Charm of Technology by Little Innovators!

2023 Vinci STEAM EDUCATIONS Robotics Christmas Event Highlights

On December 16th, Vinci STEAM Educations meticulously planned and successfully hosted a unique Robotics Christmas event, providing children with a distinctive experience that merged technology and creativity.

The design of this event not only won the hearts of the children but also showcased Vinci's leading position in the field of STEAM education.

Tutors Explain the Process

Teachers from Vinci STEAM Educations provided parents and children with a detailed explanation of the event process, giving the children an initial understanding of the activity and encouraging them to explore the world of technology.

Preston's Technology Insights: A Showcase of Excellence

Group Building of Christmas Robots

Upon arrival, students were divided into two groups to commence the construction of their Christmas-themed robots. This activity aimed to spark students' interest and exploration in technology through hands-on practice while fostering their teamwork skills.

Under the guidance of professional coaches, students learned the fundamental principles of robotics to assemble their own robots. With imagination, they infused these robots with delightful Christmas characteristics.

The entire process was not only a technological adventure but also a joyful and festive Teamwork showdown!

Creative Robot Showcase and Sharing

Even if you missed this unique Christmas robot event, don't worry because we have more exciting Christmas-themed robot courses awaiting you!

Welcome to our Christmas Joy Cottage, where our winter camp allows children to experience the fun of building their own skiing robots, sparking a deep interest in engineering and science!

Laugh and play with robots in the midst of falling snowflakes. Our winter camp opens a new door to the technological world for children!

Event Summary

In conclusion, teachers from Vinci STEAM Educations summarized the entire event and encouraged children to forge ahead on the path of pursuing STEM disciplines in the future.

The highlight of the event was the raffle, where children spent the final moments in anticipation and excitement, marking a successful conclusion to the entire activity.

Vinci STEAM Educations is committed to providing children with a comprehensive technology education experience. Through the Robotics Christmas event, we successfully sparked the children's interest in technology, nurtured their innovative thinking, and enhanced their teamwork and collaboration skills.

In the future, Vinci will continue to lead the trend in STEAM education, contributing to the cultivation of more tech-savvy talents.

2024 New Course Planning

The Robotics Christmas event has come to a successful conclusion, but Vinci STEAM Educations continues to bring new surprises to the children!

In 2024, Vinci STEAM Educations is gearing up for more, launching new Winter & Spring Camps and courses. We look forward to your participation!

01 ROBOT Winter Camp

Time: 2/19-2/23 (G1-3 & G4-6)

For the kids who missed the exciting robot creation activity during Robotics Christmas, don't worry! In the upcoming ROBOT Winter Camp, we are preparing even more fun and thrilling tech experiences for you.

Join us, get hands-on with your friends, and create your unique toy projects! Let's make winter more fun, creative, and full of laughter.

Limited spots available, and registration is now open!

Stay tuned, and embark on your tech adventure with Vinci STEAM Educations!

02 Spring Break Robotics AI Day Camp

Time: 4/15-4/19 (G1-3 & G4-6)

Not enough fun at the ROBOT Winter Camp? Kids feeling bored during Spring Break with nowhere to go? No worries!

Vinci STEAM Educations is set to launch the Spring Break Robotics AI Day Camp. This spring break, let children immerse themselves in the ocean of technology, learning the latest in robotics and artificial intelligence concepts. Our professional coaching team will guide children through innovative robot design and programming, initiating them into a future tech journey.

Explore, create, and enjoy limitless fun with friends at the Spring Break Robotics AI Camp!

Stay tuned for our upcoming summer activities and courses—don't miss out!

About New STEAM Courses

R200 Robotics Basics (G4-6)

Time: 1/7-4/21 (9AM-11AM)

VEX IQ course curriculum covers a comprehensive range of topics, starting from tool recognition to independently designing robots. It includes aspects of physics, mechanics, various chassis and mechanical arm solutions, different gear combinations for completing robot frameworks, and foundational robot sensor programming following guided instructions.

Ideal for students aspiring to participate in VEX IQ competitions and gain a comprehensive understanding of engineering robotics.

R500 Robotics Basics  (G7-12)

Time: 1/7-4/21 (1PM-3PM)

Students will utilize the VEX V5 robot kit to construct, test, and program their robots, maneuvering them through challenges and obstacle courses.

This course systematically develops foundational robot skills necessary for annual competitions, covering physics, coding, and the engineering design process.

Students will simultaneously engage in challenges that foster both critical and divergent thinking, promoting computational thinking, mastering the program iteration process, valuing learning from failure, encouraging growth mindset, exploring the latest and most advanced technologies, and gaining confidence and achievements through robot competitions.

Vinci STEAM Educations

Once again, wishing everyone

A wonderful holiday season

Merry Christmas to all!

Contact Information

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced student, Vinci welcomes every young explorer passionate about STEAM education!

Vinci invites you to join hands in creating future innovators in technology, embarking on a robot journey full of unknowns and surprises for children.

Contact Numbers: 339-215-6634 | 781-301-3841


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WeChat: Vinci_STEAM

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