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March 2nd IQ Regional Championship: Challenges and Achievements

In the IQ Regional Championship held on March 2, 2024, the Vinci teams gave their all in the intense competition.

SNE Regional Championship

Teams 6900T, 6900A, and 6900B from Vinci delivered remarkable performances at the SNE Regional Championship. Securing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place respectively in the finals, they showcased their dedication and skill. Additionally, their prowess in the skills competition was evident, with rankings of 2nd, 3rd, and 9th.

Notably, Vinci's dominance extended across divisions, with the team clinching the top spot overall in the elementary school category. Furthermore, their commendable performance led to an impressive 4th place finish in the middle school division skills competition.

However, this season, RECF halved the slots for the IQ World Championship, making the competition even more intense and challenging. Only three slots were allocated for the middle school division, and one for the elementary school division.

During the competition, our team achieved the highest match score twice—106 points—demonstrating our exceptional skill and strategic prowess.

In the elementary school division's Excellence Award selection, the Vinci team proudly secured second place.

Rising Strong: Resilience in Adversity

Despite setbacks, our team's performance underscores our strength and future potential.

Each setback is seen as an opportunity for learning and progress, allowing students to reflect on their shortcomings and focus more on skill improvement.

Vinci's coach conveyed to the students after the competition, "Every challenge is a chance to grow, every setback brings you closer to your goals." He emphasized the importance of teamwork, encouraging students to support each other and progress together.

This positive attitude towards challenges and the courage to overcome obstacles will empower Vinci's students to face future competitions with confidence. With thorough preparation, they will meet the next challenge head-on, using their skills to demonstrate their growth and development.

In order to recap the season and prepare for the upcoming World Championship, Vinci STEAM Educations plans to host a small-scale event in April. This event aims to allow all teams to enjoy the thrill of competition and reflect on the lessons learned throughout the season.

We look forward to continuing to enhance our team's skills and preparing for the April competition through ongoing learning and preparation.

● Regional Championship Summary and Review

● Learn from the Best Performance Teams and Robots from other regions

● Review the 2023 - 2024 Study Path

● Shoot Season Summary Video

● Trophy Design, Event Ideas

● Scrimmage in April

● Coding - Robot Control, PID - make the robot more accurate.

● Pneumatic and PTO - make the robot more powerful

● New Season Kick Off and Jump Right In

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