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Enhance Your "Soft Skills" with Vinci: Your Path to Becoming Dream School's Preferred Student!

As the 2024 Fall admissions season is in full swing, applications are flourishing.

Thus far, students from Vinci STEAM Education have secured numerous prestigious offers with outstanding achievements.

2024 Offer List STEAM Educations

Phillips Academy Andover

Phillips Exeter Academy


Kent School

Tabor Academy

Milton Academy

Winsor School

Dana Hall School

As top-tier institutions with fierce competition in the Northeastern United States, these universities not only prioritize students' academic prowess but also place great emphasis on their personal qualities and soft skills.

How does Vinci enhance students' soft skills background?

Vinci STEAM Educations has always been dedicated to nurturing students' scientific practical abilities, composed mindset, resilient willpower, efficient teamwork, as well as shaping their excellent self-management skills and leadership qualities through its unique STEAM education system and highly prestigious international Robotics Competitions.

And these are precisely the "soft skills" that top private schools value in their students.

Different from traditional STEM education, Vinci's STEAM Educations expands upon the foundation of STEM by incorporating a more comprehensive range of six disciplinary domains.

STEAM Educations aims to cultivate students with a comprehensive set of skills across interdisciplinary backgrounds to better prepare them for future challenges, including showcasing outstanding holistic abilities during the application season.

Enriched Resumé: Achievements Across Diverse Competitions

After completing Vinci's STEAM curriculum training and gaining recognition from teachers, students can form teams to participate in nationally renowned Robotics Competitions.

In various competitions over the years, Vinci's students have consistently excelled, achieving remarkable results. Not only have they secured top positions in competitions such as VRC and FIRST Tech Challenge, but they have also secured spots early on for the 2024 VEX Robotics World Championships. Vinci's students have also achieved commendable results in nationally renowned competitions such as NASA Space Apps Challenge and USACO programming competitions.

The VRC and FTC competitions, renowned for their prestige, are crucial for students' academic advancement. Not only do they enhance students' resumes, but also, by competing with outstanding participants from different regions, students gain comprehensive soft skills that serve as a guarantee for their academic progression!

Vinci has always strongly encouraged students to participate in competitions as a means to comprehensively improve their abilities and enhance their competitiveness. Vinci also provides coaching tailored to each competition, with dedicated professional teachers offering one-on-one assistance to assess the situation, analyze strategies, and serve as the students' most reliable support.

These valuable robotics competitions enrich students' resumes. Meanwhile, students also develop their mindset, teamwork skills, resilience, and leadership during this process, which aligns well with the admission criteria of many private prestigious schools.


A Harvest of Educational Achievements

In the previous application season, Vinci's students received acceptance letters from prestigious institutions such as St. Paul's School, Choate Rosemary Hall, Phillips Exeter Academy, and St. George's School, and have successfully enrolled.

They expressed that their studies at Vinci have been fruitful and have helped them adapt better to the academic life at prestigious schools. Let's hear what they have to say!

"After studying at Vinci, I was encouraged by my teachers to lead Team 10102Z to participate in the VEX Robotics Competition! During the competition, I collaborated with other classmates, coordinated everyone to complete the competition together, and became good friends! I believe that the confidence, self-management skills, and teamwork experience I gained during this process helped me successfully gain admission to Andover!"

"I previously attended Vinci's Camp, and participating in robotics competitions is something that fascinates me. Especially in managing my time, it makes me very efficient in my studies because I need to allocate time to think about how to improve the machine, debug, and achieve good results. Vinci has won many awards, but every competition is a new challenge and experience! I received an offer from Milton, and in the future, I will continue my robot challenges at Vinci!" -- Student L

"Two years ago, my child started taking Vinci's Robotics Basics course, and we found that all aspects of our child have improved. Not only did they gain knowledge about robotics, but more importantly, they developed their ability to learn independently. We noticed that since studying at Vinci, our child has become more focused in class, their learning efficiency has improved, and their grades in all subjects have significantly increased, which helped them receive ideal offers for their further education last year." -- Parent A

"Vinci has several coaches with doctoral degrees who guide children from basic theory, broaden their thinking, and extend it to things around them, making it easy to understand professional terms. During the application season, our child was very anxious, and we were also worried that their emotions would affect their daily learning and competitions. However, during team collaboration time, the teachers always encourage children to communicate more and exchange ideas, and the interaction between teammates is very harmonious and tacit, creating a positive team atmosphere that helps children resist pressure and combat anxiety. The children also help each other, and in the intense competition, the team achieves excellent results together, bringing back one trophy after another." -- Parent Y

Comprehensive Curriculum for All Age Groups

The success of students is inseparable from Vinci STEAM Educations' tailored teaching approach, which plans courses based on the foundation of students of different age groups.

Similarly, Vinci analyzes the abilities of children and assigns different tasks to improve their overall quality, enabling them to stand out in the team. In Vinci's training and learning, every child can be trained in the team, find solutions from mistakes, maintain a stable mindset in excitement, and become a sword that grows through trials and tribulations.

Balancing the development of hard skills while comprehensively enhancing students' soft skills, Vinci STEAM Educations adheres to the educational philosophy and persistent goal of creating an important platform for children's learning and personal growth.

More courses and competitions coming soon!

Post Season Courses 

R802 FTC 

Designed for students in grades 7-12, this is an intensive three-month course. The goal is to prepare for the FTC through advanced robotics technology, enhanced teamwork, and communication skills.

The course is divided into three phases: March focuses on Robotics Technologies and Team Work; April emphasizes Community Engagement and Presentations; May explores Innovation and Strategic Challenge Preparation, fully preparing for the FTC challenge.

R702 Robotics

R702 Robotics Post-Season is designed for students in grades 7-12, spanning three months with a total of 12 sessions. It delves into the latest robotics technology, strengthens teamwork, and communication, providing a competitive edge.

The course covers Technology Update and High Performance, School Sharing and Promotion Activities, and Experience Sharing and New Challenge Development.

R402 Robotics

Designed for students in grades 4-7, R402 Robotics Post Season is a comprehensive course spanning three months with a total of 12 sessions.

The focus of this course is to enhance the competitiveness of teams through Technology Update and High Performance, School Sharing and Promotion Activities, and Experience Sharing and New Challenge Development.

In addition to technical skills, the course also aims to cultivate creativity, problem-solving, public speaking, and project management skills.

For more courses, please scan the QR code below.


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