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STEAM Future Stars! Vinci Champion Coach Engles Ady Empowers Children with Innovative Thinking, Decoding the Path of Robotics Competition!

Vinci STEAM Educations Introduction

During the 2022-2023 season, Vinci STEAM Educations supported children in participating in various competitions across multiple regions, resulting in numerous awards. As a leader in Robotic Educations in Massachusetts, our achievements over the six years of our development would not have been possible without our exceptional coaching team.

Vinci Coaching Team has consistently adhered to our own educational philosophy and teaching style, namely, a spiral-up curriculum system that evaluates learning outcomes through guided project-based learning. Vinci STEAM Educations advocates for tailored instruction, continuously planning courses with a targeted approach. It is their professionalism and responsibility that have enabled us to achieve continuous excellence.

Champion Coach Engles Ady: A Beacon of Excellence in Education

Meet Our Champion Coach - Engles Ady

Today, let's get to know our champion coach, Engles Ady. He is responsible for teaching Innovation, 3D Design, and Robotics Competition. Additionally, he serves as the lead coach for the VEX IQ World Competition. Engles dedicates a significant amount of time to teaching and emphasizes the importance of Project-Based Learning in his approach.

Unveiling a Unique Teaching Style

Engles Ady's teaching style leans towards guided instruction, providing detailed feedback to pinpoint students' areas for improvement. He believes that the process of creation, along with thoughtful refinement, enhances a child's problem-solving abilities. Through Vinci STEAM Educations' spiral-up curriculum system, evaluating learning outcomes via project-based learning, students are resilient in the face of challenges. This resilience is a crucial element for success in competitions as well as future learning and work.

About STEAM Educations

STEAM Educations aims to inspire students' interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics from K to G12 through practical application and experimental learning. Engles emphasizes the significance of STEAM Educations in fostering students' comprehensive development.

Engles states that STEAM Educations can help children cultivate innovative thinking and problem-solving skills. In the Robot Building Process, students not only engage in hands-on practice and programming but also, more importantly, develop perseverance and a spirit of continuous experimentation throughout this journey.

Understanding and Engaging in Robotics Education

For students and parents interested in or new to Robotics Education, Engles suggests starting with foundational courses to learn the concepts of Robotic Technology, such as applications of Gear, Torque, and Speed. This progressive learning approach establishes a solid knowledge foundation, sparks creativity, and helps students gradually apply acquired knowledge in their daily lives and future university classrooms.

Vinci Innovation Classroom Sparks Infinite Possibilities for Children

Engles asserts that the knowledge from Vinci STEAM Educations empowers children to visualize their creativity. While innovative thinking often transcends conventional thought frameworks, a strong foundational knowledge allows children a multitude of possibilities for innovation.

In addition to fostering innovation, Engles also emphasizes the cultivation of children's creativity in class. He believes that, unlike innovation, creativity involves 'Thinking comes first,' encouraging students to independently contemplate solutions, with the teacher intervening and assisting based on the students' ideas.

Courses Introduction

Children from the K-G12 stages can seamlessly connect to courses that suit them at any time. Engles states that Vinci's curriculum covers a broad spectrum, offering rich content ranging from Robotics to STEM and Programming. Students can embark on their learning journey starting with the basics of the VEX Go robot, progressing to the VEX IQ robot, and finally delving into the more advanced VEX V5, completing the STEAM curriculum.

Through these courses, students have the opportunity to progressively delve into the core concepts of Robotic Technology. They will use Python to understand how coding controls the movement and behavior of robots, with Python being a core element of the robot courses. During the process of building and debugging robots, they will encounter various challenges. Students need to solve a variety of problems in projects through thinking, hands-on practice, and teamwork.

Join Us

Vinci is committed to providing students with excellent Robotics Education. Through the VEX IQ curriculum, students not only gain experience in programming, artificial intelligence, teamwork, and more, but also cultivate qualities such as innovative thinking and teamwork under the project-based learning approach and the guidance of instructors. This helps them stand out in future learning and careers.

Our introductory STEM courses are designed to ignite students' interest in AI (Artificial Intelligence) starting from the first grade. We provide students with a comprehensive and creative learning experience!

As the new year begins, our new journey is set to unfold from here!

01 ROBOT Winter Camp

Time: 2/19-2/23 (G1-3 & G4-6)

Did you miss the exciting Robot Christmas robot creation activity last time? Don't worry! In the upcoming ROBOT Winter Camp, we will prepare more fun and thrilling technology experiences for you. Join us and your friends to create hands-on and complete unique toy projects of your own! Make winter more fun, creative, and full of laughter. Limited spots available, and registration is now open! Stay tuned and embark on your tech adventure with Vinci STEAM Educations!

02 Spring Break Robotics AI Day Camp

Time: 4/15-4/19 (G1-3 & G4-6)

Not enough fun at the ROBOT Winter Camp? Kids too bored during Spring Break and don't know where to go? No worries! Vinci STEAM Educations is launching the Spring Break Robotics AI Day Camp. This spring break, immerse your children in the ocean of technology, learning the latest concepts in robotics technology and artificial intelligence. Our professional coaching team will guide children in experiencing innovative robot design and programming, kicking off a future tech journey. Explore, create, and enjoy endless fun with friends at the Spring Break Robotics AI Camp!

Stay tuned as we will soon be launching summer activities and courses. Don't miss out!

New Course Recommendations

R200 Robotics Basics (G4-6)

Time: 1/7-4/21 (9AM-11AM)

VEX IQ course curriculum covers a comprehensive range of topics, starting from tool recognition to independently designing robots. It includes aspects of physics, mechanics, various chassis and mechanical arm solutions, different gear combinations for completing robot frameworks, and foundational robot sensor programming following guided instructions.

Ideal for students aspiring to participate in VEX IQ competitions and gain a comprehensive understanding of engineering robotics.

R500 Robotics Basics  (G7-12)

Time: 1/7-4/21 (1PM-3PM)

Students will utilize the VEX V5 robot kit to construct, test, and program their robots, maneuvering them through challenges and obstacle courses.

This course systematically develops foundational robot skills necessary for annual competitions, covering physics, coding, and the engineering design process.

Students will simultaneously engage in challenges that foster both critical and divergent thinking, promoting computational thinking, mastering the program iteration process, valuing learning from failure, encouraging growth mindset, exploring the latest and most advanced technologies, and gaining confidence and achievements through robot competitions.

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced student, Vinci welcomes every young explorer passionate about STEAM education!

Vinci invites you to join hands in creating future innovators in technology, embarking on a robot journey full of unknowns and surprises for children.

Contact Numbers: 339-215-6634 | 781-301-3841

WhatsApp: 781-301-3841

WeChat: Vinci_STEAM

Burlington Campus:

87 Terrace Hall Ave, Burlington, MA 01803

Needham Campus:

10 Kearney Rd Suite 152, Needham Heights, MA 02494


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