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VRC Elite Program for Alumni (Full Year)

Date: June 1st to May 31st Next year


The Detailed Class Time is TBD, it will be based on the preferred time for students who signed up


  • 6/8/2024 - 6/23/2024, 3 weeks, 1 session per week, 4 hours per session, on one of the weekend
  • 6/24/2024 - 9/1/2024, 8 weeks, 2 sessions per week, 4 hours per session, 8 hours per week.
  • 9/1/2024 - 5/31/2025, 8 - 10 hours per week, 2 sessions per week.



  • Goals: pursuing awards in signature and world championship

  • Starting from June 2024, flexible prioritized schedule 

  • Highly selective team members

  • Dedicated coach team

  • Learn deeply in coding, such as PID, Odometry, Path Planning

  • More in mechanics, such as Power Sharing, Ratchet, CAD, etc.

  • Soft skills, like notebook, interview, public speech, fundraising, data analysis

  • Participate in more signature events

  • New comprehensive team management system

  • Community service opportunities and awards

  • Tech company and organization tours. Meet with engineers and professionals


The main goal is to prepare the elite team for the early signature events. Signature events quick intro video - 


Our Advanced Robotics course, designed for grades 7-12, delves into high-level mechanical and programming concepts. It covers intricate mechanical systems for robotics competitions, focusing on mechanisms like DR4B for lifting, as well as shooting and collecting functions. Advanced programming modules include PID control, enhancing robotic precision and efficiency. The course also integrates 3D modeling for design visualization, and emphasizes maintaining a detailed engineering notebook. Essential soft skills like interview techniques and online challenge participation are also key components, preparing students for real-world applications and competitive scenarios in the field of robotics.

VRC Elite Program Only For Alumni

  • Summer Program Refund Policy

    • Cancel and get a full refund within 48 hours of payment.

    • 100% refund till Apr 1st (minus a $50 processing fee).

    • 75% refund till May 1st.

    • 50% refund till 2 weeks prior to your program starting date.

    • No refund (or camp switches) within 2 weeks of your program starting date.

    If you would like to cancel, please EMAIL:

    If VINCI Need To Cancel due to state or county health orders or mandates, you will receive a 100% credit refund.

    If VINCI cancels for any other reason, you can choose a 100% check or a credit refund.

    By enrolling in this class, the student agrees to Vinci STEAM Educations class rules and agreements. Please check the detailed Rules and Agreements by clicking the following link.

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