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Journey from Vinci: The Starting Point of Children's Technological

At Vinci STEAM Education, children have the opportunity to acquire foundational knowledge and operational principles related to Robotics Education through diverse courses, such as Gear Ratios and Flywheels, etc.

Under the guidance of Vinci instructors, children will also gain an in-depth understanding of international competitions like VEX IQ Competition through live machine demonstrations, videos, and other teaching methods.

The achievements of the children are the greatest affirmation for us.

Let's listen together to their voices!

Vinci has taken me to explore the fun and depth of robot creation, teaching me patience through failures and finding the motivation to move forward in difficulties.

—— Stephen Zhang

First Encounter with Robots

Stephen Zhang, a sixth-grade student at Clark Middle School, embarked on his journey with Vinci STEAM Educations.

In the fall of 2022, Stephen joined Vinci and began his coursework in Robotics Advance. Later that year, he became a member of the Vinci VEX IQ Competition Team, participating in multiple regional competitions in New England. He advanced to the Massachusetts State Championship, qualified for the World Championship, and in May 2023, competed in the VEX IQ World Championship held in Dallas.

In the third grade, I first encountered robots during a programming class. My classmates demonstrated a small robot controlled by a computer, and I found it fascinating. This sparked my interest in delving deeper into the functions and creation of robots.

During the fifth-grade summer vacation, I participated in Vinci STEAM Educations' summer camp, where I began a systematic exploration of the VEX IQ curriculum. The engaging STEAM courses presented by Vinci instructors captured my interest.

Encouraged by my coach, I joined Vinci's competition team in the fall. This marked the beginning of building robots, participating in competitions, refining machines, and repeating the process for subsequent competitions.

Vinci STEAM Education Course Experience

My first experience with Vinci was through their summer camp, marking the beginning of my exposure to STEAM courses. There, I learned fundamental principles about Robotics Basic Components and Machine Operation, such as Gear Ratios and Flywheels.

Coaches guided me through live machine demonstrations and instructional videos to deepen my understanding of the rules of IQ competitions.

The rich engineering knowledge and competition experience of Vinci coaches, combined with the breadth and flexibility of the course offerings, enable students to quickly identify content that aligns with their interests and skill levels. From there, they can progressively advance their skills.

Applying Knowledge in Daily Training and Competitions

In my daily life, the experience with Robotic Education has had two significant impacts on me.

Firstly, it has helped me gain better control over my emotions. Building robots often involves encountering problems, and unexpected malfunctions can occur both before and during competitions. It can be disheartening to see a robot, which the team spent a considerable amount of time designing, building, and troubleshooting, encounter issues.

However, over the course of this year, I have come to realize that failure and setbacks might be part of the norm. In such situations, it is crucial to remain calm, stay relaxed, and quickly adjust one's mindset. Positive reattempting is essential for faster success.

I have also applied this experience to my academic life. In my first year as a middle school student, facing more academic challenges, I quickly adjust myself, make plans, and bravely attempt new things.

Secondly, the learning process of robotics has taught me patience. In a robotics project, if the initial attempt fails, it is crucial not to give up but rather patiently adjust and improve. This patience has gradually cultivated in me an attitude of not being hasty when facing challenges in various tasks.

My first experience in a robotics competition.

However, that competition made me realize our shortcomings and identified areas for future improvement. In subsequent competitions, our performance improved steadily, and we even received the Machine Design Award, securing a smooth qualification for the state championship.

Many thanks to the club for providing numerous opportunities for practical experience. Competitions have proven to be the best and quickest way to enhance knowledge and skills. After each competition, my teammates and I become more focused and dedicated to the improvement of our robot.

Encouragement and Support from Vinci Coaches

Our coach has provided maximum assistance in various aspects.

When it comes to building the robot, the coach encourages us to try our own ideas and provides guidance. They patiently go through repeated testing and improvement of the machine with us. Together, we plan competition strategies. The coach also showcases machines from other clubs and shares years of competition experience with us.

In competitions, the coach's guidance extends beyond the technical aspects, also providing assistance in team collaboration and handling emergency situations.

Preparing for the Competition

This year, our team's training has a different focus compared to last year. While last year, we concentrated on building the robot, this year we decided to place more emphasis on hands-on experience and machine programming. We aim to enable the robot to be computer-controlled. This presents a greater challenge for our team members but will also contribute to improving our performance in competitions.

Future STEAM Learning and Career Planning

I plan to delve deeper into Vinci's programming courses in the future, aiming to pursue a career in the STEAM field.

I hope that the Vinci programming courses I undertake will provide me with the necessary technical foundations. My goal is to combine my interests in Biology and Robotics, developing robots such as robotic arms and legs for medical purposes to assist those in need.

Expressions of Gratitude: Acknowledging Those Who've Made a Difference

Special Thanks to Vinci for allowing me to join early, and to Vinci's coaches for sparking and sustaining my interest in robotics.

I'd also like to express gratitude to my teammate Andrew from last year, whose excellent technical skills in operating the robot contributed significantly to our success in competitions.

A heartfelt thank you to my current teammates and the coaches at Vinci. Everyone's dedication and strategic efforts contribute selflessly to our team and robot. I hope for great achievements this year.

Additionally, I am thankful for my parents, who have consistently supported and encouraged my passion.

— Stephen Zhang

About Vinci and New STEAM Courses

Vinci STEAM Educations is committed to building a bridge for children to engage deeply with the future of technology. We cultivate their interest in Robotics through unique STEAM courses and a professional coaching team, helping them shine in robotics competitions.

Our introductory STEM courses are designed to ignite students' interest in AI (Artificial Intelligence) starting from the first grade. We provide students with a comprehensive and creative learning experience!

As the new year begins, our new journey is set to unfold from here!

R200 Robotics Basics (G4-6)

Time: 1/7-4/21 (9AM-11AM)

VEX IQ course curriculum covers a comprehensive range of topics, starting from tool recognition to independently designing robots. It includes aspects of physics, mechanics, various chassis and mechanical arm solutions, different gear combinations for completing robot frameworks, and foundational robot sensor programming following guided instructions.

Ideal for students aspiring to participate in VEX IQ competitions and gain a comprehensive understanding of engineering robotics.

R500 Robotics Basics  (G7-12)

Time: 1/7-4/21 (1PM-3PM)

Students will utilize the VEX V5 robot kit to construct, test, and program their robots, maneuvering them through challenges and obstacle courses.

This course systematically develops foundational robot skills necessary for annual competitions, covering physics, coding, and the engineering design process.

Students will simultaneously engage in challenges that foster both critical and divergent thinking, promoting computational thinking, mastering the program iteration process, valuing learning from failure, encouraging growth mindset, exploring the latest and most advanced technologies, and gaining confidence and achievements through robot competitions.

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced student, Vinci welcomes every young explorer passionate about STEAM education!

Vinci invites you to join hands in creating future innovators in technology, embarking on a robot journey full of unknowns and surprises for children.

Contact Numbers: 339-215-6634 | 781-301-3841


WhatsApp: 781-301-3841

WeChat: Vinci_STEAM

Burlington Campus:

87 Terrace Hall Ave, Burlington, MA 01803

Needham Campus:

10 Kearney Rd Suite 152, Needham Heights, MA 02494


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