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Explore through play, innovate through learning – Vinci STEAM robotics education

About Vinci

Vinci STEAM Education stands at the forefront of Robotic Education within the Massachusetts Chinese community. Distinguished as the exclusive Robotics Education institution in Massachusetts officially collaborating with VEX, we bring cutting-edge learning experiences to aspiring learners.

Founder Mandy ventured into the world of Robotic Education six years ago with a vision. She firmly believes that offering students a holistic STEAM education not only establishes a strong groundwork for their future careers but also fosters innovation and teamwork.

Driven by the ambition to unfold limitless potential for students, Mandy established Vinci. Leading them on an exploratory journey into robotics, Vinci aims to swing open wide the gateway to a future defined by technology.

As leaders in the field of Robotic Education within the Massachusetts Chinese community, Vinci STEAM Education is dedicated to providing outstanding STEAM education experiences for K-G12 students.

Our uniqueness lies in our focus on project-based learning methods, cultivating students' innovative thinking and teamwork skills, empowering them to stand out in their future careers.

Students at Vinci STEAM Education consistently achieve remarkable success in the field of robotics competitions. For three consecutive years, they have made it to the VEX Robotics World Championship, securing multiple awards.

🏆 Highlights of the 2022-2023 Season:

· The only Robotic Education institution in Massachusetts participating in the VEX World Championship.

· All 4 VEX IQ teams and 4 VRC teams advanced to the finals of the 2022-2023 VEX World Championship.

· Awarded the Global Community Service Award in the VEX Robotics Online Challenge sponsored by Google and REC Foundation.

· Achieved the Robot Skills Championship at the CREATE US Open, securing a spot in the semifinals.

· 1 VEX IQ team and 2 VEX Robotics Competition teams clinched the championship at the New England Regional Finals. 2 VRC teams secured the runner-up position.

· Secured victory at the North California Signature Championship, reaffirming Vinci STEAM Education's leading position in the field of robotics education.

Educational Innovation, Cultivating Future Leaders

Vinci STEAM Education seamlessly integrates into students' existing curriculum, providing them with a unique and scalable learning experience. Emphasizing collaborative and exploratory learning, our approach applies technology, science, mathematics, design, and engineering skills through practical activities.

Vinci not only cultivates children's expertise in robotics and coding but also accumulates experiences for them in the STEM, programming, and engineering fields, laying the groundwork for future academic and professional pursuits. According to statistics, 95% of STEM robotics competition participants show an increasing interest in STEM disciplines and actively pursue careers related to STEM.

Unique Experience, Opening the Door to Wisdom

Vinci STEAM Education is dedicated to meticulously crafting a unique, exciting, and captivating programming experience for every student.

By providing a highly engaging learning environment, Vinci creates a unique space focused on cultivating thinking skills and expanding horizons, aiming to open the door to knowledge for students.

In Vinci's programming courses, our coaches employ heuristic project-based teaching, cultivating students' abilities to apply concepts, methods, technologies, and logical reasoning in computer science to solve problems. The goal is to encourage creative thinking, generating novel, unique, meaningful ideas and efficient solutions.

The programming experience provided by Vinci STEAM Education is not just a class; it serves as an engine guiding students to delve into the world of computer science. By combining instruction and practical application in languages like Scratch Coding and Python, we ignite students' passion for programming, laying the foundation for computer literacy and coding during their teenage years and providing a rich knowledge reservoir for future academics and careers.

Educational Robot Adventure, Igniting Curiosity

Vinci STEAM Education guides students on the technological innovation journey of educational robots. Our courses comprehensively cover the VEX and FIRST domains, providing each student with outstanding opportunities to participate in activities and competitions. We encourage them to showcase creativity in the fields of technology and engineering. Vinci is committed to sparking enthusiasm and joy in experiential learning, aiming to cultivate independent thinking and broaden students' horizons.

In Vinci's safe and caring environment, students can expand their horizons, interact with peers, and collectively enjoy the entire process of academic exploration, independent thinking, and teamwork collaboration. This unique educational experience aims to develop students' leadership, cooperation, and critical problem-solving skills.


The term STEM education encompasses the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

However, in our framework, STEM courses are not a simple combination of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education. Instead, we further expand them into a more comprehensive set of six disciplines. This expansion forms our unique STEAM Educations, aiming to better cultivate students' innovative spirit and practical abilities.

The brand-new Vinci STEAM Educations aim to provide students with a rich and diverse academic experience. Tailored courses meticulously designed by coaches cater to the academic interests and needs of students of different age groups.

After years of practice and refinement, Vinci's curriculum is comprehensive and extensive, covering multiple grades and fields. It inspires students' interests in various aspects such as science, technology, engineering, design, and mathematics.

Vinci STEAM Educations not only focus on imparting disciplinary knowledge but also emphasize practical and interdisciplinary academic experiences.

The educational model of Vinci STEAM Educations is designed to spark creativity through innovative and exploratory learning, cultivating core skills in problem-solving and teamwork collaboration.

Curriculum Design

Vinci ensures that every student has the opportunity to grow in areas suitable for their age and interests.

In this process, Vinci encourages students to unleash their creativity, think critically, and build a solid foundation in STEAM.

Innovative Courses (4-7th Grade)

Students will systematically learn about modular robots, roller-moving robots, engineering robots, humanoid robots, data intelligence platforms, and more. They also have the opportunity to explore robot parts and sensors, as well as materials, tools, and concepts in daily life to creatively solve problems.

Life Science/Emerging Technologies (K-2nd Grade)

Students will receive an introduction to life science education and learn how scientists draw inspiration from animal life to drive technological innovation. They will use OLLO for theme project construction, three-dimensional structural integration, and motor drive methods. This aims to cultivate children's spatial thinking and creativity, allowing them to experience different mechanical movement methods, learn basic scientific principles such as inertia and elasticity with robots, and engage in programming using Dash and Dot (Wonder app) and Scratch.

VEX IQ Robotics (4-6th Grade)

The VEX IQ course covers comprehensive content, starting from recognizing tools to independently designing robots. Topics include physics, mechanics, different bases and mechanical arm solutions, various gear combinations to complete robot frameworks, and fundamental robot sensor programming following guidelines. Suitable for all students interested in participating in VEX IQ competitions and gaining a comprehensive understanding of engineering robotics. After completing the course, students can participate in VEX's annual robot competitions. Each class provides worksheets and assignments, encouraging students to unleash their creativity in projects, write engineering notes, and create and share learning record videos.

VEX V5 Robotics (7th Grade and above)

Students will use the VEX V5 robotics kit to build, test, and program their own robots, maneuvering them through challenges and obstacle courses. This course will systematically cultivate the basic robot skills needed for annual competitions, covering physics, coding, and the engineering design process. Students will face challenges in critical and divergent thinking, fostering computational thinking, mastering the program iteration process, emphasizing learning from failure, encouraging the development of growth mindset, exploring the latest and most advanced technologies, and gaining confidence and achievements in robot competitions.

FTC Course (8th Grade and above)

The FTC (First Tech Challenge) competition cultivates students' professional skills in mechanical design, programming, electronic circuits, and teamwork collaboration. Students will learn FTC engineering skills, including robot design and programming, as well as the engineering design process. They will build the robot chassis using hardware specified by FTC, drive the chassis through Java programming, and add robot controllers and driver stations for wireless operation. Students will acquire skills in programming DC motors and servo motors using encoders while learning to program touch sensors and IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensors. The entire process will follow the engineering design flow, developing students' comprehensive engineering abilities. Students will gain problem-solving skills for real-world challenges, enhancing their competitiveness in the field of technology. Additionally, the FTC competition provides students with a comprehensive and practical STEM education experience.

VEX Robotics World Championships

VEX and FTC robotics competitions are internationally renowned events in the field of robotics technology. The VEX Robotics Competition, organized by VEX Robotics, covers multiple age groups and aims to inspire students' interest in STEM fields while fostering innovative thinking and teamwork skills. Participants use the VEX EDR or VEX IQ platform to design, build, and program robots, tackling various tasks and competition scenarios.

FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) is an event hosted by FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and is focused on middle and high school students. FTC events emphasize robot design, programming skills, and teamwork. Participating teams independently build robots and complete various tasks during the competition, showcasing creativity, engineering capabilities, and practical problem-solving skills. Both competitions provide students with platforms to showcase their technological talents, exercise teamwork collaboration, and drive the development and application of robotics technology.

After completing the VEX and FTC robotics courses, Vinci will lead students to participate in numerous local and international official events, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of engineering robotics and acquire skills beyond the curriculum through teamwork.

Participating in robot team competitions, students will have the opportunity to engage in the following teams and learn relevant content:

Mechanical Design & Building Team

Lead Designer: Guides the overall robot design.

Assembly Technician: Assembles and fine-tunes different components.

Fabrication Engineer: Manufactures parts using cutting, filing, 3D printing, CNC machining, etc.

Strategy Analyst

Data Analyst: Collects and analyzes robot and competition data.

Tactical Planner: Plans competition strategies based on data.

Programming Team

Algorithm Engineer: Writes efficient algorithms for robot operation and autonomous tasks. Testing Engineer: Focuses on code testing and debugging.

Web Developer: Manages the development, updates, and maintenance of the team website.

Project & Team Management

Project Manager: Manages overall project progress and resource allocation.

Team Coordinator: Handles internal and external team communication.

Recorder: Documents all information, such as mechanical design, coding, strategic analysis, etc.


Main Driver: Operates the robot during main tasks.

Co-Driver: Assists with secondary operations or serves as a backup operator.

Outreach & Public Relations

Social Media Manager: Manages the team's social media accounts.

Sponsorship Relations Manager: Maintains and ensures sponsorship relationships. Videographer/Photographer: Captures team activities, records competitions, and generates promotional content.

Elite Coaching Team

Contact us

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced student, Vinci welcomes every young explorer passionate about STEAM education!

Vinci invites you to join hands in creating future innovators in technology, embarking on a robot journey full of unknowns and surprises for children.

Contact Numbers: 339-215-6634 | 781-301-3841


WhatsApp: 781-301-3841

WeChat: Vinci_STEAM

Burlington Campus:

87 Terrace Hall Ave, Burlington, MA 01803

Needham Campus:

10 Kearney Rd Suite 152, Needham Heights, MA 02494


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