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IS702 - Space Missions


Dates: 07/08/2024 - 07/12/2024

Time: Monday to Friday, 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Location: Needham

Grades: 7-10/9+





Course Description:

In this captivating course, we’ll unravel the cosmic tapestry woven by NASA’s intrepid spacecraft. From the launch pads of Cape Canaveral to the distant reaches of our solar system, we’ll explore the following stellar domains: Mission Chronicles: Trace the footsteps of pioneers: Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and beyond. Relive the heart-pounding moments of moon landings, spacewalks, and lunar rovers. Interplanetary Odyssey: Embark on a celestial road trip: Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. Witness the fiery descent of the Huygens probe into Titan’s thick atmosphere. Cosmic Quests: Seek out the secrets of the Red Planet: Mars Science Laboratory, Perseverance, and Ingenuity. Decode the mysteries of Europa’s subsurface ocean and Enceladus’s icy geysers. Beyond Our Backyard: Peer into the abyss: New Horizons at Pluto, Juno at Jupiter, and Dawn at Ceres. Marvel at the Kuiper Belt, Oort Cloud, and the enigmatic Voyager probes sailing toward the stars. Astrophysics Adventures: Unveil the universe’s hidden gems: Chandra X-ray Observatory, Spitzer Space Telescope, and Kepler. Grasp the concept of exoplanets, gravitational waves, and cosmic microwave background radiation. Mission Control Insights: Dive into the command centers: Houston, Pasadena, and Cape Canaveral. Understand launch windows, orbital mechanics, and the delicate ballet of spacecraft maneuvers.

(7/8 - 7/12, Needham) - IS702 - Space Missions - G7-G12

$475.00 Regular Price
$375.00Sale Price
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