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RS102 - Robot for Littles - Dash on Missions - GK - G1

May 3 - June 21 2024
Time: 4:45 PM - 6:15 PM


Students will begin exploring aspects of programming and robotics through Dash, a prebuilt robot. The classes will feature storytelling, games, and events that have been tailored towards social interactions with undertones of engineering, physics, and a hint of analytical thinking. Students will start to program, or instruct, the robots to perform in the games. The games, events, and projects in this semester’s curriculum will introduce students to physical concepts like velocity, momentum, torque, and force. The storytelling or acting activities will help aid in the enhancement of speech and vocabulary, facilitate social maturation, and promote cognitive development.

(5/3 - 6/21, Needham) - R102 - Robotics for Little - Dash on the Missions

$599.00 Regular Price
$499.00Sale Price
  • Refund Policy

    • Get a full refund when you cancel two weeks before the first class starts.

    • Get a full refund when you cancel within two weeks before the first class starts minus $50 processing fees.

    • Get a partial refund when you cancel after the class starts. The refund amount is equal to pro-rated not participating lessons minus $50 processing fees.

    • No refund after 4 lessons.

    If you would like to cancel, please EMAIL:

    If VINCI Need To Cancel due to state or county health orders or mandates, you will receive a 100% credit refund.

    If VINCI cancels for any other reason, you can choose a 100% check or a credit refund.

    By enrolling in this class, the student agrees to Vinci STEAM Educations class rules and agreements. Please check the detailed Rules and Agreements by clicking the following link.

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