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Vinci Robotics Teams Won Multiple Trophies at VEX Robotics SNE Regional Championships!

On March 12, 2022, SNE VEX Robotics Regional Middle School Championship was held at Walsh Middle School, Framingham, MA. The SNE VEX IQ Regional Championship was held at Hopkinton High School.

Vinci Robotics competition teams performed really well, won multiple championships and trophies, which allowed Vinci teams got qualified for the 2022 VEX Robotics World Championship in Dallas, TX, May 2022. The outstanding achievements also set a record for Vinci Robotics Academy in VEX Robotics Competition!

VEX Robotics Competition has always been one of the most high-profile robotics competitions globally. It aims to expand students' interest in STEAM by promoting educational robots and to improve youth's teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving skills.


VEX Robotics Regional Championship (V5)

A total of 41 middle school teams from Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island competed in the 2022 SNE VEX Robotics Regional championship. There are four teams qualified to the event from Vinci Robotics Academy: 10102A, 10102E, 10102U and 10102Z.

After a full day of intense competitions, all four Vinci teams made it through to the elimination rounds, which 32 teams need to pick an alliance and work together all the way to compete to the last pair of teams (tournament champion). All four Vinci teams made to the elimination rounds, and three Vinci teams made to the final matches which is phenomenal. After 3 rounds of final matches, relied on consistency and excellent performance, 10102Z and 10102A got 212 points to beat 10102U and 20203Z in the final match and won the SNE VRC Regional Championship!

Furthermore, congratulations to team 10102A for winning the skills championship with a score of 411!

SNE VRC Regional Championship event also featured a demonstration of Da Vinci Surgical Robot, which is one of the world's most advanced surgical robots. Students can operate it and do simulated surgeries. Many students can do it really well with this amazing robot.

Many local media also came to report the event.


SNE VEX IQ Regional Championship

On the same day, 34 elementary and middle school teams from Massachusetts and Rhode Island participated in the SNE VEX IQ Regional Championship held at Hopkinton High School. There were 23 middle school teams and 11 elementary school teams. There were five elementary teams from Vinci Robotics Academy.

After a full day of competition, team 6900P and 6900F from Vinci Robot Academy won the regional teamwork champions with a record high142 points! The score is only 10 points less than the full possible score, and it's also 44 points higher than the runner-up teams!

Also, congratulations to the Vinci Team 6900B for winning the skills challenge champion with a score of144 points of driving and autonomous in total. Vinci team 6900F got the second place in the skills challenge with a score of 118 point in total. Congratulations to both teams achieved their personal bests in the whole competition season.

Participating in VEX IQ challenge will help students improve their comprehensive abilities, such as hands-on, programming, teamwork, creativity, and more. Benefit from the VEX's unique form of competition settings, students must work with other teams and actively think the best strategies to achieve a better result. It will significantly improve students' adaptability and communication ability and will be enhanced teamwork ability considerably through the competition.


Entering the 2022 VEX Robotics World Championship

VEX Robot World Championship is the world's largest robot competition, listed in the Guinness Book of Records for seven years. It is also the best place for students to show and celebrate the achievements of STEAM. More than 2000 teams from 60 countries and regions will compete for the robot World championship in Dallas, TX!

Sponsor of VEX World Series

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Feel the VEX Robotics World Championship hot atmosphere

For those who is interested in learning and competing in robotics, don't miss the summer camp program provided by Vinci Robotics Academy. For more information, please see

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