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VEX Workcell and VEX Factory Automation Competition

Vinci Robotics has set up the VEX Workcell kit and provided Workcell classes. Check out the details here

VEX Workcell, designed for career and technical education, is a 5-axis robotic arm, conveyors, and sensors construction system combined with our proved VEX code software. Workcell acts as a primer, introducing students to manufacturing concepts like construction, palletizing, and coordinating planes to empower the future manufacturing workforce with a foundation of understanding. The VEX V5 Workcell was developed to improve the accessibility of industrial robotics to secondary and technical students. The accessibility issues in introducing industrial robotics in an educational setting are a combination of size restrictions, safety concerns, high cost, and limited programming experience. The hardware and software created by VEX Robotics provide students with the opportunity to develop technical and problem-solving skills by building and programming a simulated manufacturing Workcell with a five-axis robot.

VEX Workcell is a smaller, safer, and more cost-effective industrial robot model that is small enough to be placed on a classroom desk. A recommended three students to one robot ratio allows students the opportunity for hands-on engagement with the robot. The V5 Workcell is safer by being a smaller size and having the ability to program a bumper switch that functions as an emergency stop if needed.

Factory Automation competition (FAC) is a classroom-based competition that provides students with essential and desirable foundational skills needed for today’s advanced manufacturing careers. Students progress from high school to workforce and beyond by engaging in the hands-on curriculum using the VEX V5 Workcell. FAC teams are presented with various manufacturing challenges to have the best throughput and run time at different levels of competition or Competition phases. These phases progress the student’s Workcell as they design, build, program, and implement the best solutions for each challenge while competing globally.

The Factory Automation Competition Delivery Design is a classroom-based competition where teams will compete to achieve the best Throughput and Run Time at different Competition Phases. Students will design, build, and program a manufacturing Workcell to complete the Competition Phase. Participants will compete by submitting a video of a Production Run to, and their scores will be recorded on a global leader board.

The Most Challenging Missions

1. Deliver and sort all Disks by color to the correct Loading zone.

  • Red Disks delivered to Loading zone 1

  • Blue Disks delivered to Loading zone 2

  • Green Disk delivered to Loading zone 3

2. Each correct stack is worth 3 bonus points.

3. Deliver all Disks in Stacks of three (3); Each stack in the Following pattern is worth 10 bonus points each.


Vinci Robotics has set up the VEX Workcell kit and provided Workcell classes. Check out the details here


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