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ATTENTION: There will be sharp parts and tools used during the classes, events, and normal activities. Please be aware of the risk.



  • To be qualified for the VEX Robotics World Championship.

  • Hands-on learning STEAM subjects.

  • Learn how to solve real-life problems.

  • Expand students’ vision and learn how cutting-edge technologies can change the world.



  • TWO to FOUR group meetings per week with the coach. Two hours per meeting.

  • Teamwork! Design, build and program VEX V5 robots to compete in the VEX Robotics Competitions.

  • Record the robot developing and updating processes in scientific ways.

  • Interview other participants. Share and present the robot developing processes to parents, other teams, and judges.

  • Monthly group activities, such as field trips, workshops, seminars, sports, entertainment, and so on.



  • Teams can meet with coaches TWO to FOUR times per week. Each meeting is TWO hours long. The current meeting schedule is

    • Wednesday 3 - 6 PM

    • Friday 3 - 6 PM

    • Saturday 3 - 6 PM

    • Sunday 3 - 6 PM

  • We may adjust the meeting time according to the team's schedule.

  • Teams can schedule extra meetings with coaches by making appointments.



87 Terrace Hall Ave.

Burlington, MA 01803



Must enroll for one whole semester (5 months).

The membership fee includes all robots and materials cost, but it does not include team registration fees, competition cost, and other miscellaneous cost.

Fall semester (September - January)

$ 1,699

  • Work in teams, design, build, and program the VEX robots.
  • Compete the VEX Robotics Competition.
  • Monthly group activities.

Spring semester (February - June)


  • Work in teams, design, build, and program the VEX robots.
  • Prepare for the new competition season. Design and build the new robot for new season.
  • Monthly group activities.



  • All joined members will join a competition team to work on one robot.

  • Each competition team is recommended to consist of 3 to 6 team members.

  • Teams can be either formed by the member themselves or let the coach forms the team by recommending team members.

  • Team levels are based on the age of team members:

    • Middle School Team (students who are under 15 years old)

    • High School Team (students who are 15 years old and above)

    • The team is classified as a high school team if any of its members is a high school student.



  • Finish the 2-week Introduction and Advanced Sessions of Vinci Robotics Summer Camp.

  • If the student missed the summer camp sessions, the student can take the "BASIC TRAINING CLASS" to learn basic knowledge in order to join competition teams.

  • If the student has a strong previous equivalent robotics experience, he/she can waive the summer camp sessions or training classes. Talk to our head coach to determine the qualification.



  • Each team has one coach and maybe one coaching assistant. The club head-coach is responsible for teaching materials and monitoring the overall team progresses.

  • The head coach is VEX V5 certified by the VEX official certification program and Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy VEX programs.



  • Access to the workshop, facilities, and equipment.
  • Access to the shared parts, components, and tools.
  • Free access to events/challenges/seminars that Vinci or iSTEAM holds.
  • Few free classes access for other STEAM classes provided by Vinci or iSTEAM Academy.
  • Get a discount for other STEAM education programs


ATTENTION: There will be sharp parts and tools used during the classes, events, and normal activities. Please be aware of the risk.

[Membership] Join Our VEX EDR Competition Team

$1,749.00 Regular Price
$1,699.00Sale Price
  • Teams and members are welcome to use the facilities and equipment in the workshop, which are including working benches, storage space, hardware tools, spare robot parts, practice field, competition setups, desktops, Wi-Fi, projector, whiteboard, etc.