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Triumph Over Challenges: Congratulations to the Vinci Team for Winning the VEX Robotics Competition

On November 18, 2023, the VEX Robotic Competition witnessed the impressive ascent of two teams from Vinci STEAM Educations. Navigating through intense competition with finesse, these teams showcased exceptional prowess, ultimately seizing the championship with their stellar performance!

Looking back at this exciting competition, the winning teams 10102A and 10102Z stood out by overcoming challenges and delivering excellent performances. They impressively secured the championship with a remarkable 30-point lead.

This competition not only earned them the championship title but also secured them tickets to the US Open and Regional events, providing Vinci's team with a direct pass to advance further.

VEX Robotics Competition

The VEX Robotics Competition, also known as the VEX Robotics World Championship, was founded in 2003 by REC (Robotics Education & Competition Foundation), the world's largest robotics event platform. Organized by the Education Foundation, it is a large-scale international competition open to students from elementary school to university level worldwide.

This competition unfolds as a dynamic and imaginative engineering challenge designed in the format of an engaging game. Guided by teachers and mentors, students passionately strive to create innovative robots, actively taking part in a variety of thrilling competitions throughout the entire year.

As the largest robotics event globally, the VEX Robotics Competition garners attention and sponsorship from renowned companies like Google, Dell, Intel, and Tesla, and organizations including NASA and EMC.

This widely celebrated competition for young people has not only earned recognition from the Guinness World Records but also serves as a big opportunity for kids in their education and future careers. It has a significant impact on an international scale!

The Road to Victory

The journey to victory for teams 10102A and 10102Z was akin to a Hollywood blockbuster, filled with twists and turns.

In this competition there are two parts. After the initial 1v1 qualification matches, teams are ranked based on their scores. The top teams get to pick their partners for the 2v2 matches in the second round.

Unfortunately, 10102Z ranked 30th in the first round of one-on-one matches due to technical issues. Because of their lower ranking, no teams were willing to team up with them in the second round.

They thought they had no chance of winning the championship, but they received a collaboration invitation from Vinci's 10102A. After close teamwork and targeted strategies from the coach, they resisted the pressure and became the dark horse of this competition. In the end, they successfully defeated the seeded team and claimed the championship.

Vinci's coach expressed high praise for both teams, admiring their resilience and perseverance in facing difficulties. They transformed pressure and setbacks into motivation, demonstrating strong willpower and collaborative spirit to overcome formidable opponents.

These students were part of the VIQC Vinci club two years ago, and now they shine in the champion's circle. They are a testament to Vinci's growth and success in nurturing champions.

About Vinci

Vinci STEAM Educations, the first Chinese robotics course in Massachusetts and the only educational institution collaborating with official competitions takes pride in these champion teams.

Founded by Mandy Meng six years ago, Vinci STEAM Educations believes in providing comprehensive STEAM education to foster future leaders with innovative thinking and teamwork skills. Catering to students from kindergarten to grade 12, Vinci continues to offer STEAM learning opportunities to particular groups, nurturing talents who have continuously excelled in world championships and won numerous international awards.

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