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Achieving New Heights: Vinci Team Secures Championship Title in VEX IQ Robotics Competition!

On December 2nd, Vinci teams demonstrated excellence at the regional qualifiers of the VEX IQ Robotics Competition hosted at Newfound Memorial Middle School. Vinci proudly presented a middle school team, 6900A, and three elementary school teams: 6900B, 6900P, and 6900T.

In a remarkable feat, the middle school team, 6900A, clinched the championship in the Teamwork competition, outperforming the second-place team by a significant margin. They also showcased outstanding control in the first-place and secured third place in the Skills competition.

The elementary school teams delivered exceptional performances, securing the second and third positions in the Skills competition. Vinci's teams dominated the Skills competition by claiming the top three spots, marking an impressive sweep of the event.

VEX IQ Competition

The VEX IQ Competition, organized by the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation, is an open robotics competition designed for students aged 8-14. It encompasses Robotics and Research Project Challenges, offering a platform for students to showcase their skills in various disciplines.

The VEX IQ Competition evaluates students based on their performance in interdisciplinary skills, including projects like 3D modeling design and innovative thinking. The aim is to enhance their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills through engaging and challenging activities.

This regional qualifying competition is a mixed event for elementary and middle school, with a total of 24 students from the NH/VT region participating.

The competition field is a 6' x 8' rectangle, where after completing 60 rounds of challenges, the top ten ranked teams pair up. They collaborate with each other while competing against other teams to vie for the championship title.

Vinci's participating teams include middle school team 6900A and three elementary school teams, 6900B, 6900P, 6900T.

It's worth noting that Vinci's elementary school teams are the only three elementary teams in the competition, and throughout the event, only two middle school teams achieved scores higher than these two elementary teams.

The VEX IQ Competition not only tests students' knowledge and skills related to robot operation but also demands excellent teamwork among team members to complete designated tasks and ultimately achieve victory.

In the preliminary stages of the competition, Vinci's representative team, 6900A, maintained a consistent lead, holding a 10-point advantage over the second-placed team in the ranking matches.

However, in the collaborative phase of the competition, another strong team emerged, and both teams achieved an equal score of 82 points.

In the subsequent overtime match, Team 6900A adjusted their strategy, actively communicated with Team 2820T from Oyster River Middle School, withstood the pressure, and ultimately secured a high score of 88 points through seamless coordination, claiming the trophy.

Engels Ady, the coaching leader of Vinci's team, expressed after the match that this success was not accidental but rather the result of the teamwork fostered during Vinci STEAM Educations courses.

Vinci STEAM Educations primarily adopts a project-based learning approach, integrating 3D modeling, design, robot assembly, innovative thinking, and programming. This breaks away from the monotony of traditional single-subject learning, sparking students' interest in education.

This interdisciplinary approach not only makes learning dynamic and interesting but also cultivates students' innovation and problem-solving abilities.

Our curriculum design takes into account the progressive nature of learning, making STEAM education more competitive. The teamwork component adds enjoyment and sustainability to learning, laying a solid foundation for students' success in the STEAM field.

In this competition, our team demonstrated the ability to stay calm under high-pressure situations and communicate effectively to address issues promptly.

The four participating teams demonstrated composure and calmness in the intense competition, not only affirming Vinci STEAM Educations but also recognizing their exceptional capabilities!

Educational innovation, nurturing future leaders

Vinci STEAM Educations is a leading force in Robotic Education in Massachusetts, and it is the only educational institution in the state officially partnered with VEX Robotics.

Founder Mandy Meng ventured into the field of robotics education six years ago. She believes that offering students a comprehensive STEAM education experience not only establishes a solid foundation for their future careers but also cultivates future leaders with innovative thinking and strong teamwork skills.

Vinci STEAM Educations' students have consistently excelled in the field of robotics competitions. They have made it to the VEX Robotics World Championship for three consecutive years, securing multiple awards during these competitions.

Highlights of the 2022-2023 Season Achievements

1 The only Robotic Educations institution in Massachusetts participating in the VEX World Championship.

2 All 4 VEX IQ teams and 4 VRC teams qualified for the 2022-2023 VEX World Championship finals.

3 Received the Global Community Service Award in the VEX Robot Online Challenge sponsored by Google and REC Foundation.

4 Achieved the Robot Skills Championship at the CREATE US Open, advancing to the semifinals.

5 1 VEX IQ team and 2 VEX Robotics Competition teams secured championships in the New England Regional Finals. 2 VRC teams achieved runner-up positions.

6 Secured the championship at the North California Signature Tournament, reaffirming Vinci STEAM Educations' leading position in the field of robotic education.

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced student, Vinci welcomes every young explorer passionate about STEAM education!

Vinci invites you to join hands in creating future innovators in technology, embarking on a robot journey full of unknowns and surprises for children.

Contact Numbers: 339-215-6634 | 781-301-3841


WhatsApp: 781-301-3841

WeChat: Vinci_STEAM

Burlington Campus:

87 Terrace Hall Ave, Burlington, MA 01803

Needham Campus:

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