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R200 VEX IQ Basics + R300 VEX IQ Advanced




2 Weeks

About the Course

Engaging Course Features:

  • Discover the Components: Learn about the essential parts that form the building blocks of robotics. From the basics to the complex, every piece plays a role in bringing your robot to life.

  • Build the Clawbot: Step into the role of an engineer as you construct the Clawbot, an interactive robot that combines form and function with a gripping twist.

  • Gear Up for Action: Delve into the world of gears, where you’ll understand how these crucial elements transfer force and motion to create mechanical advantage.

  • Coding with VEXcode IQ: Step into the world of programming with VEXcode IQ, a user-friendly platform that will be your guide to instructing robots to follow your every command.

  • Sensors and Programming: Unveil the secrets behind robotic perception using sensors. You'll learn to program your robots to navigate and interact with their environment intelligently.

  • Tackle the Challenge: Put your skills to the test in a thrilling challenge that will have you applying all you've learned in a practical, problem-solving scenario.

  • Showcase Your Mastery: Conclude your journey with a presentation that allows you to share your projects, highlighting the knowledge you've gained and the obstacles you've overcome.

Your Instructor

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