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301 Robotics Essentials




1 Week

About the Course

Course Journey:

  • Master the Parts: Begin with the basics by getting familiar with the various parts that make up the anatomy of a robot, setting the foundation for all that follows.

  • Drivebase Dynamics: Construct a robust drivebase, the platform on which all robotic movement is built, and learn how it's essential for any mobile robot.

  • Soccer Bots: Put your drivebase to the test in a game of robot soccer, where strategy and design come together in an exciting display of competition and collaboration.

  • The Clawbot Challenge: Build and refine a Clawbot, understanding the mechanics of gears and grasping functions, preparing you for complex tasks and operations.

  • Gear Mechanics: Delve deeper into the workings of gears and how they translate power into action, a fundamental concept in robotics.

  • VEXcode V5 Programming: Harness the power of VEXcode V5, an advanced programming environment where you'll learn to code your creations, bringing them to life with logic and control.

  • The Ultimate Challenge: Take all you've learned and apply it to an overarching challenge that will test your design, programming, and strategic thinking in a dynamic environment.

  • VEXcode VR Exploration: Explore virtual robotics with VEXcode VR, where you'll program a virtual robot, enhancing your coding skills in a simulated 3D space.

  • Capstone Presentation: Showcase your achievements and learning in a final presentation, demonstrating the progress you've made from a novice to a skilled roboticist.

Your Instructor

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