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201 Introduction to Robotics + 202 Techno Robotics




2 Weeks

About the Course

Program Highlights:

  • Robot Basics: Start with the basics as you learn about the different parts that make up a robot. You’ll get hands-on experience with a testbed to understand how these components work together.

  • Bipedal Movement: Explore the mechanics behind robots with legs by constructing Allie, our friendly two-legged robot, and discover how balance and coordination fuel movement.

  • Humanoid Robotics: Take a step into the future with Humanbot, and build Ike, learning about humanoid structures and the intricacies of replicating human motion.

  • Programming Prowess: Unlock the secrets of robot programming with VEXcode VR 101. You'll gain the expertise to command your robots to navigate mazes, perform tasks, and even create art.

  • Creative Coding: Combine art and technology as you program robots to draw on a virtual canvas, turning lines of code into stunning visual masterpieces.

  • Presentation Skills: Cap off your experience by presenting your projects. Share your triumphs and challenges, showcasing your journey from novice to robot maestro.

Your Instructor

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